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This WikiProject was formed to foster better articles on the U.S. State of Wisconsin, with a spirit of cooperation. This page and its sub-pages aim to both provide resources for Wikipedia, and expand Wikipedia as a resource about Wisconsin. The project's talk page is a place for members to discuss issues regarding project-related articles. To join, simply add your name to the list at the participants section. To see articles and information about Wisconsin, see the Wisconsin Portal.



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Project divisions

  • Assessment (talk)—Assessing articles and other Wisconsin-related pages
  • Cities (talk)—Cities, towns, villages, and counties
  • Physical geography (talk)—Regions, parks, climate, and physical features
  • Transportation (talk)—Roads, trails, and rails in and around Wisconsin
  • Culture (talk)—Music, art, icons, mass communication
  • Government (talk)—Governance, as well as federal, state, and local politics in relation to Wisconsin
  • Recognized content—Featured content and good articles are what Wikipedia editors believe are some of the best work on Wikipedia.
  • Popular pages—Updated Monthly, lists WikiProject Wisconsin's most viewed pages of the month

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  • 09 Jul 2024 – Bent's Camp Resort (talk · edit · hist) was AfDed by AndyTheGrump (t · c); see discussion (14 participants; relisted)

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The goal of this Project is to expand the free-content encyclopedia of Wisconsin. We are currently working towards these major milestones:

  • 1.5% List-Class
  • 40.5% Stub-Class
  • 46.3% Start-Class
  • 8.9% C-Class
  • 2% B-Class
  • 0.6% GA-Class
  • 0.1% FA-Class
  • 0.1% remaining



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{{WikiProject Wisconsin}}
WikiProject iconWisconsin Unassessed
WikiProject iconThis article is within the scope of WikiProject Wisconsin, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of the U.S. state of Wisconsin on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.
???This article has not yet received a rating on Wikipedia's content assessment scale.
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{{Wisconsin-geo-stub}} Stub notice for Wisconsin articles dealing specifically with locations or geographical features in Wisconsin; placed at the bottom of article pages
{{Wisconsin-politician-stub}} Stub notice for politicians primarily associated with Wisconsin; placed at the bottom of article pages
{{Wisconsin-WIAssembly-stub}} Stub notice for people who are serving/have served in the Wisconsin State Assembly.
{{Wisconsin-WISenate-stub}} Stub notice for people who are serving/have served in the Wisconsin Senate
{{Wisconsin-Representative-stub}} Stub notice for people who have served in the United States House of Representatives from Wisconsin.
{{Wisconsin-bio-stub}} Stub notice for Wisconsin articles dealing specifically with people associated with the state who are not politicians covered by other stub templates.
{{Wisconsin-school-stub}} Stub notice for schools in Wisconsin; placed at the bottom of article pages
{{Wisconsin-radio-station-stub}} Stub notice for radio stations in Wisconsin; placed at the bottom of article pages
{{Wisconsin-road-stub}} Stub notice for roads in Wisconsin; placed at the bottom of article pages (see WP:WIH)
{{Wisconsin-airport-stub}} Stub notice for airports in Wisconsin; placed at the bottom of article pages
{{Wisconsin-stub}} Stub notice for all other Wisconsin articles; placed at the bottom of article pages
{{Milwaukee}} Navigational box for the city of Milwaukee; placed at the bottom of article pages, above {{Wisconsin}}
{{Wisconsin}} Navigational box for Wisconsin regions, counties and cities; placed at the bottom of article pages
{{Wisconsin Barnstar}}
WikiProject Wisconsin Barnstar.png The WikiProject Wisconsin Barnstar
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{{subst:Wisconsin Barnstar|message ~~~~}}
A substitutable template for awarding a barnstar. The additional lines displayed are an artifact of its usage in this table and will not normally be displayed.
{{Image requested|in=Wisconsin}} Added to Wisconsin-related talk pages to request images. Adds article to a category. See documentation page for attribute usage.


{{Wikipedia:WikiProject Wisconsin/Userbox}}
{{User Wisconsin}}
This user is interested in the U.S. State of Wisconsin.
{{User interest Wisconsin}}



To join WikiProject Wisconsin, go to our participant list.

Click "show" to view our particpants.




The following members are administrators and might be able to help you with blocking and protecting pages from vandalism. Please make sure that they are active by seeing if they have recent activity - click "contribs".

Active participants


To join WikiProject Wisconsin, edit this section and insert the Wikitext #{{subst:me}} with your areas of interest into the following list of participants in alphabetical order. Participants should also place participant identification on their user page.

  1. 1014cd - born and raised in rural Wisconsin just north of Appleton.
  2. Acjelen - raised in Wausau, spend a lot of time in Door County, now I live in Texas.
  3. Activist - Governance, environment, athletics.
  4. AltioraPeto - Wisconsin native.
  5. Ancheta Wis resident, thus the username. Have you heard Varsity?
  6. AndrewTJ31 (born in Onalaska, Wisconsin)
  7. Antandrus (talk) (childhood in Milwaukee; frequent visitor to Madison; part-time participant)
  8. Anthologetes - grew up in a rural community near Sheboygan; lived in Madison for four years while receiving a degree from UW
  9. AOE2fan - Born, raised, and lives in Lancaster. UW-Madison alum.
  10. ARegularWisconsinite - Born in Milwaukee. Currently living in Central Wisconsin.
  11. Av9 have edited Brookfield, Wisconsin quite a bit.
  12. BaronLarf (born & live in the Milwaukee metropolitan area; also lived in Appleton)
  13. bburk Always a Wisconsinite, UW graduate, and archivist; especially interested in history
  14. BenTobias (born in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, attending the U of W Milwaukee.
  15. Bifftar (born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, attended the U of W Milwaukee and University of Wisconsin-Madison, lifetime resident of Madison, Wisconsin.
  16. Billertl - Living in Ashland. Born and raised in northern wisconsin. Interested in the history of Wisconsin, especially the political history.
  17. BlindEagle - raised in Beloit, Wisconsin, graduated from MSOE, lived in Milwaukee and (6 yrs) Appleton (7 yrs) now live in Michigan.
  18. Boucher4 (born in Chicago, but grew up in Marinette, Wisconsin. I currently live in Omaha, Nebraska, but I still visit my mom and dad in Verona, Wisconsin).
  19. BrianZ - born in Pennsylvania and currently living in Appleton, Wisconsin.
  20. Burningclean (talk · contribs) WAUSAU!
  21. Bweimert - born in Marshfield, Wisconsin and raised in Abbotsford, Wisconsin.
  22. Capitocapito - born in Burlington, Wisconsin, currently in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.
  23. Capitalimojo - born in Milwaukee
  24. ChesterMarcol - born,raised,live in Two Rivers, Wisconsin
  25. Chief-O - born, raised, and living in Oshkosh.
  26. Clavette - born in Milwaukee in 1991. Currently living in Hartford, Wisconsin.
  27. Cmarsch (talk · contribs) 07:37:59, 3 February 2023 (UTC)  - born and raised in West Bend, Wisconsin and currently attending Ripon College (Wisconsin).[reply]
  28. Cr4410 - born in Madison. I mainly contribute on articles about railroad history, museums, and travel in Wisconsin.
  29. cranhandler - born and raised in Hayward, Wisconsin.
  30. CrayolaTwo - born in Franklin, currently attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a member of their marching band.
  31. Dainomite (talk · contribs) - born in DeForest, Wisconsin in 1986 and joined the Air Force after high school
  32. DavidFarmbrough - Born in London, currently living in Wisconsin Rapids
  33. Dbackes - born in Milwaukee. Currently attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a member of the UW marching band.
  34. Deavenger - born in Milwaukee. Currently lives in Waukesha,Wisconsin.
  35. Dhartung - grew up in Janesville, live there now, though my roots are in Chicago
  36. Dhmachine31 - lifelong resident of Altoona, can't guarantee I'll be active in this but I'll help when I can
  37. DiogenesNY - spent considerable time in Janesville, especially in the late 90's; familiar with the malls in Beloit and Janesville
  38. Dolotta - resident of the Eau Claire area.
  39. Domersr - Live in Shropshire, England. Worked in East Troy, Wisconsin for three months.
  40. DrPoque - born in and lives in Madison, Wisconsin
  41. Dr. WhoWhatWhenWhereWhy - Born in Madison and lives in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
  42. Dspradau - Born in Milwaukee, raised in Lomira, I currently live in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
  43. DubaiTerminator - Born in Madison and I have visited Milwaukee many times
  44. DVGalot - born in Milwaukee and I've lived in St. Francis, Hales Corners and Franklin
  45. E-abulous- Lifelong resident of Chippewa Falls
  46. Edurant - born in Milwaukee, raised in Greenfield, living in Milwaukee since 2002
  47. EJacobi - Born and currently living in Milwaukee, currently working for the Milwaukee Repertory Theater.
  48. ekt22 - Born and raised in Chicago. Attending UW-Madison.
  49. Elderleo - Born and still lives in Endeavor
  50. Emilynothing - born in Ashland, raised in Montreal. I attended the University of Iowa and now living in Missouri.
  51. Emholz - born in Antigo, living in Madison, interested in helping create articles on arts, culture, and history
  52. Epluribusunumyall - not from the state, but working to complete state assembly district pages
  53. Evanash24 - Born in Green Bay, attended UWGB, now working on a MA in History at Miami University.
  54. Fang Aili - born and raised in Milwaukee, current resident of the Bay View community in Milwaukee.
  55. Farmercarlos - born, raised, and educated in Wisconsin.
  56. FeanorStar7 - Lived in Madison for first 7 years of my life; moved to Milwaukee; lived there until age 18; still visit parents there (they live in Fox Point); I currently am on the East Coast
  57. Fondycardinals- From Fond du Lac
  58. Fredsteve3-I live near Green Bay
  59. Freekee - I'm from Grafton.
  60. FullScale4Me - I spent a lot of my youth here.
  61. User:Gaijin42 Born and living in Madison (after detours to Iowa and Chicago)
  62. User:Gdk411 No bio available. Go to my user page.
  63. User:Ghaynes19 - I'm from the Milwaukee area
  64. Gimme danger Born and raised in Wausau, now living in Chicago.
  65. GoldCoastPrior Please check my user page.
  66. Goodoldpolonius2, born and raised in Milwaukee, though on the East Coast for the past decade and a half.
  67. Grassferry49, born in Fond du Lac, grew up in Janesville now go to school at MSOE in downtown Milwaukee.
  68. GreatLakesShips - Just a Brit who is obsessed with Great Lakes shipwrecks
  69. hansamurai - born in Oshkosh, raised in Beaver Dam, go to school at the University of Wisconsin, and currently working in Minnesota.
  70. Hauk55 - born, raised, and still living in Weston, WI
  71. Heeps of Wiki - Born and live in Milwaukee, here to work (mostly) on protected areas.
  72. Hexhand - yes, i own a foam cheese headgear.
  73. HollyAm - born and raised in Milwaukee, now living near Chicago
  74. huntertur - lifelong resident of Milwaukee
  75. Hylife - born in Springhill, Fl..but have been Livin' the Hylife in Mil-town since I was three.
  76. Illwauk - Born in Milwaukee and raised in on the city's North Side, Currently living in the Harambee community.
  77. User:Imnotanonymous (raised in South Milwaukee)
  78. Inter 16 Born in Sparta, raised in La Crosse until 20, joined US Air Force and currently stationed in Florida
  79. ItalianMustache - Very interested in geography. Contributor to Wisconsin articles on Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, and mapper on OpenStreetMap.
  80. Jachim69 - Born and raised in Manitowoc. Currently living in Hoffman Estates. I still get back to Manitowoc about every month or so. I'd be happy to take some pictures in that area; I'm already planning to get some for the USS Cobia and Wisconsin Maritime Museum articles.
  81. JackFromWisconsin - Born and raised in Reedsburg.
  82. JakeApple - Born and raised in Mishicot, Wisconsin (well, technically born in Two Rivers *grin*), I currently live in Madison. I am a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc and the University of Wisconsin–Madison. I take a special interest in articles about Mishicot and the surrounding area, and am the webmaster of Mishicot.org.
  83. James Steakley - shuttle between Madison and Madison's sister city in Germany, Freiburg.
  84. Jeff the quiet
  85. Jhoge - Born in Boston, Ma. Currently a student at USM. Willing to help out in any way possible.
  86. JKChesky - Son of a UW-Madison Grad and a Stoughton Norwegian Dancer. Spending time on Wisconsin Football, the Packers, and notable wisconsin athletes. Now living in Maine.
  87. jkdeadite - Raised in Little Suamico, WI and Oconto Falls, WI, I now attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison for linguistics, Japanese, and Norwegian.
  88. Jelloman - Grew up in Wales, WI, Graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, now working as a Systems Administrator. Interested in Whitewater kayaking and boating in general, and would like to contribute to Wisconsin river descriptions.
  89. Joey in Milwaukee Living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  90. johnl1479 Born in Sacramento, California, currently attending Marquette University
  91. JohnnyBlood Photographer and native of New Glarus, Wisconsin. Living in Belleville, Wisconsin.
  92. Johnnytecmo - Born in Menomonee_Falls,_Wisconsin. I have lived in Wisconsin for 28 years.
  93. Jonathunder - A photographer from west of the Mississippi River.
  94. JPmaverick - Resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  95. Joplinplayer - Resident of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  96. JustinMal1 - Born in Monroe, Wisconsin, raised in Ashland, Wisconsin, defected to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
  97. Kamic (Wisconsin Native: born in Platteville and raised in: Weyauwega, Oconto, Marinette, Green Bay)
  98. KDTW Flyer Resident of the Appleton area; involved with airports and towns/cities.
  99. Krauseaj - Born in Green Bay, raised mostly in Chilton, where I continue to reside.
  100. Kyle Andrew Brown - Dane County, Madison West Sider, KOC Assembly 1200
  101. Larkworb - born and raised in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area and graduated from MSOE. I currently live in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin
  102. LaurentianShield - Born and raised Tomahawk, graduate of MSOE, UWM and UC Berkeley, living in California but using the miracle of the internet and traditional libraries to do some interesting research on Wisconsin history
  103. Leo1410 Born Bayfield, Raised Cornucopia, school in Madison.
  104. Leridenour UW-Milwaukee School of Information Studies PhD student. Currently resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  105. Loopygrumkins Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, raised and currently living in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.
  106. Lordmontu - Born and schooled in McFarland, Wisconsin. UW-Madison student.
  107. Luosiji - Born in Illinois but raised in Baldwin, Wisconsin.
  108. Luke119 -- Wisconsin native born in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Graduated high school in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Pilot in the US Air Force. Have lived in Florida, Texas, and now Arkansas. Will soon be moving to Yokota AB, Japan.
  109. M4V3R1CK32 (talk · contribs) 22:18:59, 14 February 2022 (UTC)  - Wisconsin native, south-central Wisconsin area. History, small towns[reply]
  110. Madds212 - Born and raised in De Pere, Wisconsin. Graduated from University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. My ancestors were Belgians who immigrated to Door County in the 1800s
  111. Mardueng
  112. Master_son - Born and raised in Rhinelander, Lived in Wausau, Stevens Point, currently living in Platteville. Currently a student at University of Wisconsin-Platteville
  113. Mathwhiz 29 - Pewaukee, Wisconsin
  114. Meeples - Born in Milwaukee
  115. Mmmbeer - a Madisonian, University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate and current University of Wisconsin Law School student.
  116. mtz206 - born & raised in Manitowoc, lived in Milwaukee, now in New York City
  117. Neko-chan - has lived in Madison for whole life so far.
  118. NeroN_BG - lived in Denmark -Green Bay metro, for about a year. Currently residing in Serbia, Belgrade
  119. newmanbe
  120. nobs {Racine County & Milwaukee; have spent significant amounts of time Lake Geneva, Green Bay, Oshkosh, Eau Claire, Madison, Appleton, UP (irredenta), and St. Croix County (suburban St. Paul)}
  121. North of Eden - Wisconsinite
  122. NotTheFakeJTP - Born in Madison, Wisconsin, living in Appleton
  123. NuKeEm - Born in Neenah, lived in Kaukauna for 7 years and I now live in Appleton
  124. Orangemike - Wikipedia admin. Writer and labor activist; immigrated to Milwaukee in 1977 at the urging of Frank Zeidler; resident of Brewers Hill; 2004 graduate of UWM and sometime graduate student in history there.
  125. Packerfan2016 - live in wisconsin and know quite a bit of stuff.
  126. Packerfan386 - Born, raised, and live in Wisconsin.
  127. PaddyM - Born and raised in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin; undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; currently studying medicine at St. George's University.
  128. Pdcook - Lived in Madison from 2004-2009 as I earned my PhD in biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I live in Nashville, TN now and miss Madison dearly.
  129. PeterNordgren. Raised in Couderay. Lived in Menomonie and Rhinelander. Now residing in Lake Nebagamon. Administrator at the University of Wisconsin-Superior.
  130. User:Piranhamaster Wisconsin Native lives in Green Bay
  131. Pogintin Born in Janesville.
  132. Polemick Born in Milwaukee and raised in Greenfield. Now residing in Milwaukee.
  133. PorterW Born and raised in Wausau, lives in Milwaukee. stfu Teglin.
  134. PrimaPreussen - born and raised in the most awesome inhabited area of the state, Kimberly! GO MAKERS
  135. pxion129 Born in Chicago and raised in Wausau. Now residing in West Virginia.
  136. user:r d the savior born in Eau Claire raised in the Lake Hallie, Wisconsin
  137. Rabidslug - born and raised in Oshkosh, 15 years in Green Bay, now living in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
  138. Raoul-Duke - grew up in New Glarus and currently attending MATC in Madison.
  139. Rauglothgor -lives in Appleton, Wisconsin; photographer extraordinaire.
  140. User:RFD-born in Neenah;lives in La Crosse.
  141. Rohdeaa - Born in Sheboygan, lived in Rice Lake, Eau Claire, and Hayward. Currently residing in Central WI. Attended college at UWEC.
  142. Royalbroil - I have lived in northeast Wisconsin my whole life. I went to college at University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and Fox Valley Technical College.
  143. Salmar—lived in Burlington, Wisconsin since I was two; don't know how much I'll be able to do, but I'll still do what I can
  144. $cammer - born, raised, and living in Waupun.
  145. Schwnj - Raised in Milwaukee/Wauwatosa, went to college in De Pere (outside of Green Bay), now attending graduate school at Arizona State University.
  146. Sean_WI - Currently attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  147. Seen a Mike (talk) 20:12, 4 August 2014 (UTC)[reply]
  148. Shackpepe - I live in Oshkosh but most of my family is from Milwaukee
  149. Shadowe - Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Graduated in 2004 from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Currently living in Muskego.
  150. ShiberuInupreza - Born in Appleton, resides in Marshfield. Previously lived in Clintonville and Stevens Point.
  151. Slash - Born in Milwaukee. STFU Teglin
  152. slowpokeIV - Born and Bred in Milwaukee, currently living in Greendale.
  153. Steven Andrew Miller — (Born and raised in Racine County, lived many years on the East Side of Milwaukee, now in Chicago Washington, DC)
  154. solstrsyn – Madison
  155. SushiGeek - born and raised in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin. Now living in Northern Illinois.
  156. Stain of Mind - born in Madison and living in Sun Prairie.
  157. SWMNPoliSciProject (talk) Preparation, modification and expansion of articles primarily relevant to government, politics and world affairs.
  158. SyricChase - Semi-raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, lived just about every were, resides currently in Wausau, Wisconsin.
  159. Tarfu92 - born and raised in Racine and lived four years in Madison.
  160. Teglin333 - Bisexual Troll that currently resides in Wausau.
  161. TFunk - Born and raised in central Wisconsin.
  162. TheBigFish - born Milwaukee, currently reside in Greenfield. Specializing in Milwaukee and Wisconsin urban legends/folklore, and radio.
  163. TheCatalyst31 - born in Illinois, live in Madison
  164. Themaskeddrummer - born, raised and currently live in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin
  165. TheWaz - born and raised in Cedarburg, Artist.
  166. Thusnelda - raised in Madison, attended Beloit College, graduated from and currently working at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and currently living in Madison.
  167. TheTrashMan - Born and raised in Wisconsin and currently living in Madison and in school at UW-La Crosse.
  168. Tjrudebeck - Resident of Appleton, previously Kaukauna.
  169. Tripoli11 - Born, raised, and still living in Wausau, WI.
  170. Tomer - lived in Eau Claire since age 7
  171. TVRJomar - born in Madison and still lives there.
  172. Uffda608 - A Driftless region native
  173. UnDeadGoat Wisconsin native
  174. Upnort - Born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, lived in Port Washington, then Fox Point, have lived in Oneida County (Newbold, then Rhinelander) since 1991.
  175. Vanellaphantom04- born in Milwaukee, living in Cedarburg
  176. Vesiv- lives in Appleton, Wisconsin since 3rd grade
  177. Wiscipidier - Lives in Madison and has lived in Appleton.
  178. Wisco - born and living in Madison.
  179. WisconsinCheeze - live in the state, contributing to the new county templates like this one
  180. Wisconsineditor - born in Madison, WI; raised in East Bristol, WI (near Sun Prairie, WI), and currently living in the township of Bristol in northeastern Dane County, WI.
  181. wolfblake - Born and raised in Elmwood, Wisconsin, but went to school at Durand Jr./Sr. High School.
  182. Wistungsten Milwaukee native, now an architectural historian living elsewhere.
  183. Wonder al - born and raised in Prairie du Sac. Feel free to use my pictures (just ask).
  184. Woohookitty - born in Eau Claire. Moved to Madison at 13...back to Eau Claire at 18...back to Madison at 24...then to Fond du Lac at 27...and back to Madison at 31. I get around! I consider Eau Claire as "home".
  185. WStemple - born in Elgin, Illinois. Move to Albany, WI in 1988. Village Trustee, Webmaster & Parks Commissioner.
  186. WTGDMan1986 - love the state, wishes to revert vandalism
  187. Z Top - born, raised, and living currently in Fond du Lac!
  188. Z50rbandit - Born in Portage, raised in Packwaukee, moved two years ago to Oxford, and currently working in Wisconsin Dells. Marquette County will always be my home.
  189. Zaui - Born and raised in Fort Atkinson, graduated from Carthage College, now living in Utah.
  190. Zonafan39 - Born in Milwaukee, have lived in Brookfield, Elm Grove, New Berlin, Waukesha, currently reside in Wauwatosa. Graduated from Brookfield Central High School}}
  191. Rorr404 - Born in Madison, lives in Milwaukee and is currently studying at UW-Milwaukee.
  192. Sawyer-mcdonell - born in Madison, currently living in Madison.

Former participants


Thank you for your help! Please move your username back to the active list when you can participate again.

  1. Buaidh (talk · contribs) 14:35:42, 26 July 2019 (UTC) – WikiProject templates and categories.[reply]
  2. Willsome429 (talk · contribs) 4:05 CST, November 1, 2020 - schools, geography and a smattering of politics and auto racing

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WikiProject Wisconsin participants should place one of the following lines of Wikitext on their user page to add it to Category:WikiProject Wisconsin participants.

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[[Category:WikiProject Wisconsin participants]] none linked pages
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For other Wisconsin user templates see Category:Wisconsin user templates.

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