List of prototype World War II combat vehicles

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This list contains combat vehicles which never left the design phase or had an extremely limited production (usually < 10).




Heuschrecke 10 SPG prototype



Type 98 Ta-Se SPAAG - side angle view
Type 4 Ho-To SPG prototype with a Type 38 12 cm howitzer
Type 97 experimental flamethrower tank number 2
  • Ka-To 105 mm SP AT gun was a combination of the Type 5 Na-To open top superstructure and the extended hull of the Type 4 Chi-To. Exact stage of development unknown
  • Type 5 15 cm SPG Ho-Chi; similar to Type 1 Ho-Ni I and Type 4 Ho-Ro SPGs, with a Type 96 15 cm (149.1 mm) howitzer mounted on a Type 97 chassis. Stage of development unknown
  • Type 97 Experimental flamethrower tank; incomplete prototypes. The first version replaced the hull machine gun with a flamethrower. The second version was fitted with two large, elongated fuel tanks and two flamethrowers on each side of the chassis. It utilized an electric flame igniter system.

New Zealand[edit]




Soviet Union[edit]

T-43 prototype medium tank

United Kingdom[edit]

United States[edit]

T20 prototype medium tank

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